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  "Although FSX comes with a nice Cub as part of the default hangar, this one is clearly superior in every way."

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Latest Updates
Texan and Harvards 2.0
P-38 X 3.1
FSX Texans 1.1
L-4 Grasshopper 1.1
Coming Soon
Full FSX Huricanes
Latest Video
A Letter Home
(At-6D Video)

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"Where Limitless Horizons Await"
A Developmen
t Company for Microsoft Flight Simulators

Latest Freeware
I-16 RATA FS2004

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Memorial Day $10 Boxed Products Sale
Only $5 Flat-Rate Shipping

Offer Valid Through June 1st

In honor of Memorial Day you may purchase any SkyUnlimited product based on an American built aircraft. Texans, Lightnings, Mustangs, and B-17Gs are available for only $10.00 each. FSX and FS2004 options are available for some aircraft. Each product will come in a labeled DVD hard case. Each CD-Rom disc is also professionally labeled. All customers pay a flat rate shipping fee of only $5.00.
This Offer is Valid Through June 1st
We are Hosting a $50 Cash Prize Repaint Contest
In honor of releasing the major update to the Texan and Harvards Volume 1 for Flight Simulator 9 we are hosting a Cash Prize Repaint Contest. A Special Installer has been created so that everyone can enter this contest.

$50 First Place Prize. 2nd and 3rd Place get their choice of 1 free SkyUnlimited Product.

Major Update Released for Texans and Harvards Volume1
For Flight Simulator 9 (Price Reduced)

A major update has been released for Legacy of the Sky: Texans and Harvards Volume 1 for Flight Simulator 9. New features include.

New Aircraft SNJ-4C Added
New Harvard Mk.II Postwar Added
New Custom XML Instruments/Gauges Added
New Cockpit Environment Sound System: Includes Clicking Switches, Buzzers, Rocket firing noises, and lots more.
New static USS Monterey landable aircraft carrier scenery off the Coast of Pensacola Florida.
New Visibility Buttons for unique aircraft configurations
Various other fixes and improvements

NEW Release:
Flight Replicas Super Cubs - Complete Package

Flight Simulator X Gold or Acceleration

Want the full Super Cub experience, to be able to explore every facet of what still makes the Super Cub one of the most popular aircraft in the world? Then this is the package fore you.
The complete package contains 18 models, to let you explore lol a vast range of operations and flying experiences.

NEW Release:
Legacy of the Sky: Texans Volume 2

Flight Simulator X (SP2 or Acceleration)

Legacy of the Sky: Texans Volume 2 is an entire flight experience including new aircraft, vehicles, and artillery. Players can practice landing on the included carrier or take a Jeep for a drive. A controllable 105mm Howitzer is included. Players can also fire smoke rockets from the LT-6G or control the USS Monterey in multiplayer. All Extras have virtual cockpits and animations.
P-38 Lightnings X Updated 3.1
Flight Simulator X (SP2 or Acceleration)
The new patch takes our last overhaul a step further and refines things even more. New texture refinements with higher resolutions spinners, new bump maps, weathering and more are included. In addition, the models, flight dynamics, and camera views have been improved. Previous glitches have been weeded out and other new features have been added.

Coming Soon
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