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Model: RAF238thKnight, Jesse Lambert
Interior Upgrades: Brandon Toomey
Original Interior Model: Mathias Pommerian
Textures: John Terrell
Cockpit Textures: John Whelan
Scenery: William Ortis
Gauges: Robert Sanderson
Panel: Jesse Lambert
Merlin Engine: Brandon Toomey
Sound: Jesse Lambert
Flight Dynamics: Jerry Beckwith
Gun Effects: Rob Barendregt Douglas Dawson
Date: 6-15-07
File Size:

132 MB

Version: 2.0m
Simulator: FSX (FS9 Port Over)
FS 2004
Cost: $25.95 U.S.

Owned and Operated by Jesse Lambert
Copyright © 2009 SkyUnlimited Productions
"Where Limitless Horizons Await"
A Developmen
t Company for Microsoft Flight Simulators
Legacy of the Sky: Hurricane Fighters of WWII
By SkyUnlimited for FSX (FS9 Port Over) and FS2004

The Hawker Hurricane is a classic example of an overlooked hero. Few would say that the Hurricane won the war. Names such as Spitfire, Mustang, and Fortress fall into that discussion. However, this forgotten savior bore the brunt of the first few years of the war. Without it, the Battle of Britain would have surely been lost, and more advanced Allied fighters may have never seen the skies over England. The Hurricane was the most widely used fighter during the first two years of the war. In 1940 the Hurricane alone, accounted for half of the Allied aerial victories over Great Britain. Although the fighter was somewhat dated when the war started, it carriers a legacy of achievement and innovation even today. The Hurricane was one of the first monoplane fighters to enter service with Great Britain. In addition, it was the first British fighter to exceed 300mph, one of the first with retractable landing gear, and the first to carry 8 machine guns. The Hurricane served on over 17 fronts of conflict, and was in production throughout the entire duration of the war. The most produced variants were the Mk.II's, in which approximately 7,300 were built. SkyUnlimited has developed each service variant of the Mk.II series as well as the earlier Mk.I's with the utmost consideration towards detail and realism.
The cockpits are fully detailed and animated. Mouse-over labels are available for all of the control parts and many of the static parts. Animations range from emergency exit release through adjusting the seat and rudder pedals.
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Merlin Engine Detail
Custom FS9 RAF Airfield
Mk.I, Mk.Ia, Mk.IIa, Mk.IIb, Mk.IIc, Mk.IId and Tropical versions. All with new custom exhaust effects and scenery.
2.0m Updates Include:
FSX Compatible Models
Fixed Aileron Pivots
Fixed Cockpit Illumination
Fixed Flickering Placard
Added Special Features text to Pilot Checklist
and more

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