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Model: Jesse Lambert
Textures: Alessandro Biagi
Cockpit Models Baldwin de Tourton
Jesse Lambert
Gauges: Bill Leaming
Panel: Lobo da Silvia
Merlin Engine: Baldwin de Tourton
Sound: Jesse Lambert
Recordings: Jim Lux, Bill Painter
Flight Dynamics: Jerry Beckwith
Gun Effects: Rob Barendregt Douglas Dawson
Manual: Download Manual
Repaint Kit: CFS3 Repaint Kit
Date: 06-26-06
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Version: 2.0
Simulator: CFS 3
FS 2004
Cost: $19.99 U.S.
This is the largest Mustang Collection Ever and for only $19.99. Enjoy the Mustangs in both Fs2004 and CFS3. Over 20 variants of the Mustang and almost 60 unique paint schemes! A-36 through P-51C.

Owned and Operated by Jesse Lambert
Copyright © 2009 SkyUnlimited Productions
"Where Limitless Horizons Await"
A Developmen
t Company for Microsoft Flight Simulators
Legacy of the Sky: Mustang Fighters of WWII
By SkyUnlimited for Fs2004 and Cfs3

The P-51 Mustang was one of the finest aircraft to fly the skies of World War II. It had the speed, power, and armament to compete with even the most potent adversary. The Allison powered and early Merlin engine aircraft do not share the fame or popularity of the P-51D, and thus a large part of the P-51’s service life has been forgotten. In this product you have the chance to fly the aircraft that gave birth to a legend. The early Allison and Merlin Mustangs, from the very first P-51 through the P-51B/C have been designed in stunning accuracy and detail.. You can start from the first aircraft and witness first hand how they were improved with each new version.
There are many unique cockpits to enjoy. All approriate for the Mustang variant they represent. In addition, 4 new and improved 2D panels have been added, as well as several new cosmetic enhancements.
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The Mustangs have been updated to Version 2.

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