P-51A (Slick Chick) used for testing in the U.S. Notice the deletion of the machine guns. This is one of the few bare-metal Allison mustangs.
P-51 Standard (20mm cannons)
Notice the open radiator scoop
P-51 (20mm cannons) Photo-Recon
Camouflage Testing
A-36A Dive-Bomber
P-51A (Direction Finding Loop Antenna)
P-51A Photo-Reconnaissance (British Version)
P-51A Standard
Fixed radiator scoop
Camera Detail:
F-6A Photo-Reconnaissance (Malcolm Hood)
These are old images from the first release. Since the new release is out the planes have been upgraded, and the Merlin Mustangs have been added. I added this page temporarily for the CFS 3 users to get an idea of the planes in CFS 3. Check back soon for updated pictures.

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