Legacy of the Sky: P-38 Lightnings of WWII vol.2 (Early Lightnings)
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004

Owned and Operated by Jesse Lambert aka Cerberus Copyright 2004 - 2005 SkyUnlimited Productions

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Company Profile
Exterior: Kevin Miller
Interior: Jesse Lambert
Engine Detail: Jesse Lambert
Exterior Textures:

Justin Lewers
Kevin Tungatt

Interior Textures: John Whelan
Flight Dynamics: Jerry Beckwith
Panel: Jesse Lambert
Sound: David C. Copley
Gun Effects: Rob Barendregt, Douglas Dawson
Historical Information: Website Link
File Size: 36.7 MB
Version: 1.0
Simulator: FS 2004
Cost: $24.99 U.S.
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Volume 2 is the second in our acclaimed line of P-38 expansions. Our first package brought to you the Later P-38's J - K and F-5, and with Volume 2 the series is completed with the early P-38s (E - H). 5 models have been done in stunning detail with many new refinements and enhancements. Included in this package is the acclaimed P-38F Glacier Girl that was resurrected from the Ice in Greenland and restored to flying condition. On October 26th, 2002 Glacier Girl took to the skies for the first time. Now you can take this aircraft back to its glory days when it was the most advanced USAAF fighter for its time. In addition, the E, F, G, and H variants are included in this package, and they are sure to bring many hours of flying pleasure. SkyUnlimited has dedicated countless hours to bring you one of the most realistic P-38 simulations to date. We hope you enjoy this aircraft as much as we have enjoyed making it.

If you enjoy this product then you may also enjoy Vol.1 which includes the J, K, L, and F-5 versions.
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Legacy of the Sky: P-38 Lightnings of WWII: offers the most advanced cockpits Skyunlimited has ever developed. Not only have we taken extra care in the visual aspects, but we have loaded the cockpit with features and animations. Virtually ever single switch, lever, and controllable feature in the cockpit is animated with tooltips.

Ever wanted to adjust the cockpit lights, or make the yoke or gunsight disappear? Well now you can along with countless other animations. The cockpits offer the most immersed flying experience we have ever created.

2D Panel
Unique Cockpits
Fully Animated Virtual Cockpits Loaded with New features
P-38F Lightning
P-38E Lightning (Captured Scheme)
The "SkyUnlimited Standard"
The new P-38 Lightnings are the cornerstone in the next generation of our aircraft design. Not only are the cockpits the most advanced we have created, but the exteriors are full of new features. Virtual pilots will be able to appreciate how marvelous this aircraft really was. Our new conditional appearance parts are animations and visual parts that appear and function only if certain requirements are made. The Lightnings are full of these new types of animations. For example, each plane has completely working droppable external fuel tanks. In addition, the tarmac environment has been greatly enhanced. Now if your engines are off and your parking brake is set parking chocks and pitot covers appear. Open the canopy while the plane is parked and watch the access ladder fold down, or open the gunbay/Engine detail and see an oil pan appear.
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P-38G Lightning
P-38H Lightning
P-38F Glacier Girl