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SkyUnlimited Products
Legacy of the Sky: Texans Volume 2
Flight Experience Pack
True FSX Models

Legacy of the Sky: Texans Volume 2 is an entire flight experience including new aircraft, vehicles, and artillery. Players can practice landing on the included carrier or take a Jeep for a drive. A controllable 105mm Howitzer is included. Players can also fire smoke rockets from the LT-6G or control the USS Monterey in multiplayer. All Extras have virtual cockpits and animations.

(NEW) P-38 Lightnings X
P-38 Lightnings Vol. 1 FS2004
With the release of the P-38 Lightnings X we now offer our acclaimed P-38's in true native FSX fashion. These true FSX aircraft feature new custom 3D gauges, enhanced interior and exterior textures, all of the features of the FS2004 versions, and native FSX features like self-shadows and DDS textures. The original FS2004 Version can still be purchased for $14.95 by clicking on the FS2004 link to the right.

FSX or FS2004
Legacy of the Sky: Texans and Harvards Volume 1
The T-6 Texans, and their Harvard counterparts, are perhaps some of the most important and crucial aircraft in the Allied Victory of WWII. They were the cornerstones of allied training aircraft, thus earning them the nickname of “The Pilot Maker.” In addition, the Texan has earned acclaim in the Korean War, and as a Racing Aircraft.

True FSX Model and FS2004
Gotha Ho229 "Flying Wing"
The Ho 229 would have been the culmination of Luftwaffe technology and design. Featuring flying wing technology, two 30mm cannons, one of the first ejection seats, and a powerplant of two Junkers Jumo jet engines, the Ho 229 would have been unmatched in the skies over Europe. If the Luftwaffe been able to produce and utilize such power, one can theorize that the tides of the war would have been significantly different.

FSX (Port Over) and FS2004 $25.95
CFS3 $12.95

Legacy of the Sky:
Hurricane Fighters of WWII
Hurricane Fighters of WWII have been released for FSX with an update to FS2004 This package includes 9 variants of the Hurricane ranging from the early Mk.I through the Mk.IID. In addition to the 20 paint schemes and standard SkyUnlimited features this package includes new dynamic exhaust effects and a custom FS2004 RAF Airfield.

Legacy of the Sky:
P-38 Lightnings of WWII Volume 2
The P-51 through P-51C package has finally been released for fs2004. In addition The cfs3 package has been updated with new models. Over 20 models and 58 paint schemes!

CFS 3 / FS2004
Legacy of the Sky:
Mustangs Fighters of WWII vol.1
Volume 2 is the second in our acclaimed line of P-38 expansions. Our first package brought to you the Later P-38's J - K and F-5, and with Volume 2 the series is completed with the early P-38s (E - H). 5 models have been done in stunning detail with many new refinements and enhancements. In addition, included in this package is the acclaimed P-38F Glacier Girl.

FS 2004
Legacy of the Sky:
Supermarine Spitfire V
The Supermarine Spitfire V has been updated to version 2.0. There are now 6 versions of the spitfire and 10 brand new paint schemes. A fully animated vintage pilot has been added as well as a detailed model of the merlin engine. All of the original features are present with tons of new ones. And for only $16.99 this aircraft is a great bargain.

Reggiane Re2005 Sagittario
When someone says Italian, we think sleek cars, beautiful women, and great food, but for centuries Italians have prided themselves for their love of beauty, performance, and efficiency. Strap on your goggles, grab your flight suit and get ready to take a trip back through time and see first hand the elegance of Italian design with SkyUnlimited's new Reggiane Re2005 Sagittario.

CFS 3 / FS2004
Mikoyan-Gurevich MIG-3
Our very first fully Fs 2004 compatible aircraft has finally been released. MIG-3 by Baldwin De Tourton is ready for download and purchase for Flight Simulator 2004. Two versions of the MIG-3 are included along with Photoshop templates and historical documents.

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